SolarPower Europe interviews Huawei

SolarPower Europe: Huawei launched a range of products, technologies, platforms and even a new ecosystem at Intersolar Europe this year, in an aim to build a digital PV world together with partners. One of those is the Smart Energy Center with the objective to provide a better life for users. Can you share more information about this innovative concept?

Huawei: Huawei FusionHome solution brings respective benefits to installers and homeowners:

To installer

  1. More Sales, Easier Business
    1. One-fits-all flexible solution for more sales opportunities
    2. One inverter SKU (stock keeping unit), easier business with lower operation cost
    3. Partial optimizer: more panels for more revenue
  2. Fast Installation
    1. Inverter 10.6kg, simple installation
    2. Patented AC connector for simpler connection
    3. WLAN for better, simple & quick communication
    4. Framed-mounted optimizer reduce installation time
    5. DC PLC for sable & easier communication
    6. One click inverter commissioning
    7. Faster Module Physical Layout Creating
    8. Inverter integrated with DC coupling battery interface
  3. Install & Forget
    1. Inverter low failure rate, high reliability through rigorous industry standard testing
    2. Inverter 10-year warranty & optimizer 25-year warranty
    3. Massive inverter upgrading remotely
    4. Automatic module underperforming diagnosis report via string IV curve diagnosis


To Homeowner:

  1. More Energy, Pay Less
  2. Pay less with partial optimizer
  3. 5-level topology for outstanding inverter efficiency
  4. Optimizer escape path leads to high system availability
  5. Battery Ready, Secure Future
    1. Inverter integrated DC coupling interface to secure future investment
  6. Make Solar Elegant
    1. Sunrise’ design inspiration won Red dot 2016 award”


SolarPower Europe: How are such digital technologies helping put more solar on the roofs and fields of Europe?

Huawei: Huawei One-fits-all flexible solution meets all homeowners’ rooftop installation scenarios and allows to install more panels to increase sales revenue. Meanwhile, customers pay reasonably, they only pay for what they truly need to maximize ROI.

Partial optimizer feature of the solution supports modules to be installed on shaded or complex orientated rooftops. Compared with exclusively full optimizer solution, attaching optimizer to those only affected modules can also achieve maximized system yields but in lower upfront investment.


SolarPower Europe: How important is the open collaboration with partners for building a rich platform for the fully intelligent ecosystem?

Huawei: With the concept of “openness, cooperation, and win-win”, Huawei joins hands with the upstream and downstream of the industry, and build an open and win-win smart PV ecosystem to better serve customers and speed up the process of grid parity. The specific content includes four aspects:


  1. integration and optimization of PV power plant systems and components;
  2. “Huawei Inside” Strategy: “automation, informatization, and intelligentization of power plants”, authorization and integration of related key technologies;
  3. interface open authorization and secondary development based on Huawei cloud computing platform;
  4. establish a joint innovation center with strategic customers, share market and technology roadmaps, and jointly develop programs and technologies.



SolarPower Europe: Huawei’s vision of the future is that “all things will be able to sense, and will be connected and intelligent”. What would be the role of the customers in such a scenario?

Huawei: In the era of activate intelligence, technologies such as Cloud, Internet of Things, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, AI, Automation, and Intelligent Terminals form an complex ecosystem. Technology is not only a tool to improve efficiency, but also a cornerstone of successful energy business strategies and future revenue growth in the energy industry. Smart PV includes digitalization of power stations as well as the perceptual, connectable and controllable device. Re-engineering PV power plants through digital power generation, digital transmission, and digital management to move forward to intelligence. The technologies include big data mining, analysis to achieve fault pre-judgment, and proactive preventive O&M; inspection by intelligent drone. Intelligent algorithms, intelligent diagnosis and intelligent integration not only increase the power generation by 0.5~2%, but also provide fault early warning and self-diagnosis, O&M team performance evaluation, asset and post-plan evaluation, fishery and agricultural system analysis and control, and maximize the life cycle of digital power plants.


“User experience” is the core thinking of the intelligent era and the one and only way to develop PV enterprises. The Smart IV Diagnostics 2.0 completes all string scans of a 100 MW power plants just in 25-minute by one-click startup.


Huawei is committed to customer-centric, technology innovation, focus on customer value, and maximize customer benefits, which is widely recognized by customers around the world. Huawei ranks as the Global No.1 Inverter Shipment company for consecutively three years, 2015, 2016 and 2017, according to the 2018 reports from IHS Markit and GTM Research. With the concept of “openness, cooperation, and win-win”, Huawei joins hands with the upstream and downstream of the industry, and build an open and win-win smart PV ecosystem to better serve customers and speed up the process of grid parity.

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