Antonio Vidigal

CEO, EDP Innovation

Antonio Vidigal has a diversified professional experience having as driving lines Innovation, Telecommunications, Computer Science and Power Systems. He is the CEO of EDP Inovação, and Executive Board Member of EDP Ventures. Both companies are deeply involved in the selection and fostering of new technologies in the Clean Tech domain, for usage within EDP.
António Vidigal loves to work in technological startups and has had the opportunity to have key roles in several, such has Edinfor (which became, at the time, the largest IT company in Portugal). He also participated in the launch of Optimus and OniWay, the third and fourth mobile operators in Portugal.
His prior assignment was as General Director of EDP Group, and prior to that, he was the Group’s Chief Risk Officer. At the mobile operator Optimus, he was ExCom Member with responsibility over IT, Regulatory Affairs, Human Resources and Customer Care. He led the technical specification team which was responsible for winning the operator´s license bid.
Later, at the 3G mobile start-up OniWay, he was the CEO.
He has been the first EDP´s Chief Information Officer, and as part of that role has consolidated six data centers and launched the first generation of corporate ERPs, within EDP Group (Billing, HR, Financial, …).
Previously, right after joining EDP, he had technical responsibility for the implementation of the first computerized National Control Centre for the Portuguese TSO (at the time part of EDP, and now REN). This has been one of the first full-fledged EMSs in Europe comprising State Estimation, Interactive Power Flow, Contingency Analysis and AGC. As part of the project, a communication network was established covering the whole country. He started his professional live teaching Power System Transients, at Lisbon Instituto Superior Técnico.
António Vidigal has been Executive Board Member of EDP Group and is a Member of the Portuguese Academy of Engineering.
He has published more than 100 articles on technology and innovation.

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