Basile Bouquet

Director of Business Development for Europe, AutoGrid

Basile Bouquet joined AutoGrid in 2015 to kick off AutoGrid’s activities in Europe. Basile is in charge of the Business Development in Europe and the operations in France. Basile is also teaching at the IFP School, and is responsible of a Digital Entrepreneurship module giving students an in-depth overview of digital innovations in the power sector.

Prior, Basile Bouquet worked at EDF Lab in California, focusing on economics and regulation of Smart Grid, and Energy Storage. Basile also worked for the French Consulate in San Francisco where he was in charge of energy related topics to foster collaboration between France and California.

Basile graduated from Centrale-Supelec and he holds a Master’s degree in Energy Economics from the IFP School.

My Sessions

Artificial Intelligence in the Energy World – Getting the Act Together

As the energy sector goes digital, it will increasingly use artificial intelligence to master the manifold challenges of a distributed, flexible and cross-sectorial system. Applications will be countless, ranging from sophisticated weather forecasting to managing energy flows and huge data volumes using advanced analytics – but what’s hot in the near term?