Bjørn Utgård

Director of New Markets, EVBox

Bjørn Utgård is the Director of New Markets of EVBox. Since its inception in the Netherlands in 2010, EVBox has delivered more than 60,000 charge points across over 45 countries. The company offers the industry’s most complete suite of EV charging solutions, including charging stations from 3.5 to 350 kW and scalable and flexible charging management software.

At EVBox, Bjørn directs the company’s expansion into emerging markets, partnering with value added resellers, solution integrators and service providers to deliver attractive, safe and reliable EV charging to drivers, organizations and location owners alike. In this effort he draws on extensive, hands-on experience from both advanced EV markets like Norway and the Netherlands, and emerging markets like Costa Rica and Chile.

Holding an MSc degree in energy systems engineering, energy policy and economics, Bjørn’s professional experience spans technology innovation, entrepreneurship and policy development within sustainable mobility, renewable energy and climate change.

My Sessions

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