Loïc Tilman

Head of Group Innovation, Elia Group

Loïc is currently Head of Group Innovation at Elia Group, composed of 2 Transmission System Operators: 50Hertz in Germany and Elia in Belgium. In the group, the innovation team is leading the exploration, testing and validation of new technologies in order to improve efficiency, flexibility and safety of the TSO activities.


Prior to Elia Group, Loïc started in energy sector at EDF Luminus where he had different functions in the optimization and trading team (short-term trading, regulation and new market implementation). He then worked in strategy consulting for McKinsey supporting global leading utilities with a strong focus on market modelling and global energy market.


Loïc Tilman holds a master degree in electro-mechanical civil engineering from the Liège University and a master degree in general management from the Louvain School of Management (Belgium).

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