Riccardo Amoroso

Head of Innovation and Product Lab, Enel X

Riccardo Amoroso, born in Milan in 1973, holds a master degree Cum Laude in Mechanical Engineering from Rome University in Italy and an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA (USA).

After an experience embarked as an officer in the Italian Navy, Riccardoin year 2000 has joined McKinsey, a leading consultancy, where he has focused in the energy industry (with a second focus on airlines, driven by his passion for flying). During his eight years in McKinsey, Riccardo has served several clients in Europe ranging from fully liberalized markets (UK) to liberalizing markets (Eastern Europe) and focusing on all steps of the energy value chain, from generation to transmission, distribution and retail.

In 2008 Riccardo has joined Enel Green Power, taking a leadership role in the solar business managing the Solar Joint Ventures Department. In particular he has led Enel Green Power development effort to set-up two joint ventures: the factory 3Sun (with Sharp and STMicroelectronics) and the off-taker ESSE (with Sharp). Riccardo has then taken the leadership role in the second JV (CEO of ESSE), successfully managing the investment of ca. 100 mn Eur in IPP solar business in Italy, Greece and South Africa.

In 2013 Riccardo has led Enel Green Power efforts in opening the South Africa market, with the successful award in competitive tenders of more than 500MW of solar and wind generation capacity, which now makes Enel Green Power the leading renewable player in the fast-growing African continent. In 2014 has driven
the opening of new markets in the Asia-Pacific region. Since January 2015, Riccardo is the Head of Innovation and Sustainability function for Enel Green Power.

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