Tomaz Kricej

Director of Business Development , Suncontract

Tomaž is a powerful business driver whose entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of vision have carried companies through rapid and continuous growth.

With more than 20 years’ experience in several business areas at an international bank, Tomaž has amassed not only extensive work experiences, but also a detailed understanding of a wide scope of banking services and financial needs of retail and corporate clients. Professional and managerial tasks aside, Tomaž has also been an active participant in the organization and implementation of a number of events – either as a host or a speaker.

Throughout his career a large portion of Tomaž’s work has included communication in foreign languages – in which he is fully competent. Those who have gotten the chance to work with Tomaž know him as a reliable, focused employee who is a dedicated team player, while clients who have been privileged to partner with Tomaž consider him a competent, trust-worthy and result-oriented adviser.

A strong believer in sustainable, progressive growth and development of the economy, Tomaž has joined the SunContract team as its Director of Business Development and he aims to use his amassed experiences and skills in this new challenge of using blockchain technology to preserve the environment for our future successors, our children and their children.

Specialties: brokers exam, marketing skills, managerial skills, advisor for wealth management, coach, process manager, speaker and trainer.

My Sessions


– Blockchain-based Solutions for Peer-to-Peer Power Trading  Block chain technology offers huge opportunities to have everyone participate in the new energy world using a ‘simple’ and convenient platform. This session will discuss the potential, challenges and first real life experiences.