Digital Solar & Storage Startup Awards

The challenges of the energy transition are manifold – and so are the solutions. With digitalization and storage being the backbone of a New Energy World, SolarPower Europe is looking for the brightest business ideas in this field.  At the Digital Solar & Storage 2019 Conference, SolarPower Europe will present the second Digital Solar & Storage 2019 Start-up Award. The competition will open on 1 August. 

Congratulations to the  2018 finalist startups!

1. Winner: SolarWorX UG

A renewable energy start-up founded in 2017 designing and manufacturing scalable, modular solar solutions to provide true access to energy for the global off-grid population. The core business is B2B sales to local distribution partners, predominantly in sub-Sahara Africa, who are experts in bridging the ´last mile´ to reach the rural off-grid population with our solution.


2. Finalist: ReVolta

ReVolta proposes stationary battery systems for buildings made with the reuse of battery packs recovered from electric vehicles (EV), after their end of life in automotive applications. Used EV batteries, still holding an important share of their initial energy capacity, can be perfectly reused to satisfy all building storage needs with a smoother environmental impact, compared to new batteries, at an affordable cost. Moreover, ReVolta offers its batteries together with a service for their optimal management and the commercialization of Grid Services that they can provide in each country.


3. Finalist: EasySolar

CRM dedicated to photovoltaic teams – to manage teams and sales. EasySolar integrates DER sales processes into a single mobile app and web platform.


4. Finalist: Singulair

Singulair is a management platform for industrial maintenance inspections by drones. The company develops the solarwatch platform for the photovoltaic industry enabling the digitalization of all PV sites, the creation of control plan libraries, the organization of inspection missions by drone and the analysis of defects by artificial intelligence.



The voting will take place at the Digital Solar & Storage conference on 5 November, followed by the award ceremony. The prize money is 5000 euros.



Criteria of selection

The competition is between early start-ups active in the field of digitalization and solar storage. The companies competing need to fit the following requirements:

  • less than 10 employees;

  • VC-backed/Pre-profit.

The competition will open on 1 August.