Hariram Subramanian

CTO Fusion solar solutions, Huawei

Hariram Subramanian is CTO of the Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV Solution – Europe. He received his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering in Germany in 2005, and an MBA degree in International business and strategy from Germany and the UK in 2012. Before being named to his current role at Huawei, he has held R&D, Product Management and senior solution sales positions at PV inverter manufacturing companies.

He has worked extensively in the technology field as a senior R&D engineer, especially in the field of Digital control technology for power electronics and Grid Management using Inverters, and then moved into techno-commercial and product management roles in the solar inverter industry. Before working in the business of PV inverters, Subramanian worked in the UPS , embedded power and power supply industry before and has in total 13 years of experience in energy conversion business.

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