Sustainability is at the heart of everything SolarPower Europe does. We are constantly introducing new event management practices to reduce the environmental impact of our events:

Lanyards that can be used as phone chargers after the event

• Significant decrease of printed materials thanks to the event website, app and USB sticks

• Collaboration with local and sustainable suppliers

E-mobility exhibition powered by renewable energy from Tour & Taxis

• Encouraging the use of public transport to access the venue

• Delegates are asked to inform us of any cancellations in advance in order to reduce food waste

• Use of sustainable venues and catering



• BEL Brussels is one of the largest office buildings meeting the passive standard in Europe


• A modern building designed to ensure optimum energy and environmental performance


• Part of the electricity production comes from 366 solar panels which are integrated into the roof covering a total area of 660 m2 and energy audits are regularly conducted to assess energy efficiency


• Other sustainable actions taken by BEL include the use of eco-labelled furniture that is produced locally, use of water recovery systems and partnerships with eco-friendly suppliers for services such as catering



• La Fabbrica has been certified as an Ecodynamic Enterprise by Brussels Environment

• The label assesses a wide range of eco-management issues such as waste management and prevention, rational use of energy and management of employees’ mobility

• Every morning, La Fabbrica provides their partner Permafunghi with organic coffee grounds that are then used as a substrate for a culture of organic oyster mushrooms which are also part of the restaurant’s menu


• Chefchezsoi use Fairtrade products, work with short distribution chains and small producers and have significantly reduced the proportion of meat in all their dishes


• 40% of their electrical requirements are met by 130 solar panels installed on their roof


• Thanks to these actions and other criteria including the use of organic and recycled materials, the installation of a composting system and use of electric vehicles they have been awarded the Ecodynamic Enterprise Label